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Keeping me On Track

Shout out to DunnRite Fitness for always motivating me, keeping me on track, and providing me with awesome workouts and a nutrition plan made just for me! 

If you want to get ahead of the usual holiday weight gain, comment here or send them a private message! They will customize a plan for you and guide you through each step.

Lori - Stay at Home Mom

Teaching & Motivating

The people that don't come along for the ride are just missing the boat!  ....you can pretty much guarantee people the results will come if they follow your lead and...just how safe, quick and effective these workouts are.


To stay home and just get it done with the rubber bands, body weight and of course a mat...is a huge bonus for me..


You are awesome!!!!!!


Ray - Truck Driver 

​Sick & Tired

I was an individual that was very athletic and active in playing basketball, softball, and weight lifting. Then I started supporting a family, and everything else was put on hold. Fast forward 10 years, and I was nothing like before -  50 pounds overweight, sluggish, not active in anything other than traveling every Spring and Summer to my Son's baseball games. I wasn't sleeping well at night, had high cholesterol, and bouts with bladder and prostate cancer.

I really felt that I didn't have enough time to join a gym, and really did not know what type of workout to do from home.  That was when I discovered the Bushido System.  Everything that was out of reach, suddenly become possible!  It showed me that I really did have the time to exercise from anywhere, as well as eat Clean, by following a plan that was tailored to my needs.  


Now both are an integral part of my daily routine, and as a result, I am in better shape now than when I was 18 years younger!

Bill - Founder of DunnRite Fitness and the Bushido System

Make this one Yours


This slide is reserved for you.  We are committed to  your goals, and overall wellness.

Bring yourself back to a time when you had the energy and motivation, a time that now, seems such a long time ago.

Let us show you the way...

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